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Earlefub( 2022-04-16 12:04:08
Otherwise, our car will forever stand in the parking lot, and we will choke on the bus.
After these words, he took a step towards me. I realized where everything was going and decided to be the first to take the initiative. Shouting something obscene, I hit the bearded man in the face. There was a loud slap, and the crumpled glasses flew off to the side. The guy swayed and fell on his own hood. A hematoma began to appear on the cheekbone. You will regret it, the rooster growled, but before he could finish the next phrase, the second blow followed, after which he had already fallen to the asphalt, blood was flowing from the cuts of his lip. Chris looked at what was happening with wide eyes, I took her by the hand and led her to the entrance.
What to repeat? she trembled like an aspen in the wind, and her knees shook in a spasm of fear, her teeth banged against each other.
"Have you considered my offer?" Natasha asked, lifting her skirt up to her panties. "Right here?! What if someone comes?" I asked, feeling my ears turn red and my breathing quicken. “Well, if that’s the only question, then don’t worry, now half of the university is walking on the street,” she said, leaning towards me, unbuttoning her blouse and exposing her chest. Come on, don’t be shy, no one will interfere, and Olka won’t even recognize! "
“Dad, impregnate me!” I ask! I really want to, and I just can not get pregnant! Let it be, if not from Alyoshka, then from you!
Taking it by the barrel, moving my hand along it a little, I opened my mouth and, behold, his head touched my lips and parted them, went further. Feeling the barrel pulsing in my mouth was even more awesome. A groan escaped his lips. How big and sweet he was. I sucked it with wild passion, trying not only to take it deeper, but to make it as pleasant as possible. I didn’t have practice, but I understood from his moans that he liked it, and this process gave me a lot of emotions.
Then there will be no third time, she thoughtfully rolled her eyes to the ceiling, she will have to catch up with a vibrator.
She giggled.
Earlefub( 2022-05-04 20:34:23
Sasha stood and waited for me.
Igor said that he was leaving. She pretended to be upset and, without letting him undress, carried him into the living room. She pressed her lips against his, placing her arms around his neck. In short, she showed the whole set of a woman seeing off her man. Was laid out right there on the carpet. It seems to be a habit to be fucked by dressed men.
Yes! And your car is completely yours. No one until the end of the flight.
Maria Vladimirovna bent down to the bottom cabinet. It was then that I realized that I couldn't take it anymore. Literally in a second, a hundred thoughts flew through my head: “Christina ... suddenly she finds out. Although we haven’t met yet, it’s clearly impossible to miss such a chance. Fuck a beautiful woman, and also your teacher. When she finally straightened up and turned to me with a bottle of wine, I pulled her to me and began to kiss her greedily on juicy, slightly cool lips from lipstick. She mumbled something like “Wait, Seryozha, I don’t want to,” but my hands were already walking over her body, with my left I held her beautiful face, and with my right I kneaded her elastic ass. Sharply turning her around and pressing a little on her back, I laid Masha with her chest on the tabletop. Grasping the cut of the skirt, I sharply pulled it up, freeing Mary's charms from tight matter. My eyes met a beautiful view of the juicy ass of my teacher. White lace thong barely covered the pussy. I could not resist and gave a resounding slap on the buttock, leaving a burgundy trace of the palm on the tender body, the woman groaned. She no longer resisted, but meekly waited for my further actions. Sliding the strip of panties to the side, I ran my fingers along the crotch, it was very wet there, Masha flowed from my every touch. Feeling the pea of ??the clitoris, I rubbed it for a few seconds, then put my finger to her sweet hole. Feeling this, the woman with a groan arched to meet me a little wider legs apart, my finger fell into her juicy pussy. I fucked Masha with my middle finger, then added an index finger, increasing the pace. The woman moved in time with my movements moaning loudly. This went on for several minutes.
I won't tell you how we came to this, deep down, after 15 years of marriage, when we tried everything in bed, we both always wanted it. And plucking up the courage, I somehow suggested inviting a third person to bed, although I still did not understand who I really want, a man or a woman. To my delight, Galchonok immediately agreed and the search began. We are famous and prominent people in the city, so we decided to look outside our city.
Hey brother! coming up to me first, Leah said and hugged me. The big breasts of the girl rested against me and I felt her nipples. The girl was without a bra. After a little hugging, she stood up on her toes and kissed me on the cheek. Leah stepped aside, continuing to look at me with interest. Kylie has already come to me. The youngest Wood had an incredibly beautiful smile, and her facial features were just a copy of her mother. I had to bend over a bit to hug Kylie. The girl was also without a bra. Kylie's chest was smaller than that of her sister and mother, probably the second size, but for such a short (her height was about 155 cm) and thin girl, she looked very proportionate and beautiful. Kylie hugged me very gently and stroked my back during the hug. Then she kissed me on the cheek and took a step back. Indeed, their family was very hospitable and began to treat me well from the first minutes of our acquaintance. I looked at Jessica. She crossed her arms over her chest and puffed out her cheeks a little in displeasure.
At this moment, she became a little sad in her face, tears appeared in her eyes, her voice began to stutter even more. With slightly shaking hands, she pulled her dress up, and ... I was shocked - to say nothing. From under the white-brown lace, a thick, long, elegant erection slowly appeared, with a light bristle, and obviously smeared with some kind of lubricant, or pounded with pre-ejaculant, because a pleasant prostate smell hit my nose, which instantly intoxicated me. And the smell of the female prostate and sperm. He is special. Girls in high school often masturbate and cum on furniture and floors, so they and their classes often smell of the delicate, sexy taste of female seed. I will never miss this scent.
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