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ASIAGRAPH 2010 in Shanghai

ASIAGRAPH is an organization which cooperates with people, government, companies and universities and supported by collaboration of China, Korea and Japan, We would open and show the brand-new contents for more prosperous human society by combining Asian cultural contents with IT.

ASIAGRAPH will hold 쏷he 2010 ASIAGRAPH in shanghai which is an event to celebrate 쏷he 2010 Shanghai Expo.

ASIAGRAPH would like to hold an alliance conference with China, Korea and Japan Associations related cultural contents. ASIAGRAPH hopes your associations will contribute to 쏷he 2010 ASIAGRAPH in Shanghai.

2010 ASIAGRAPH Conference
Theme : 2010 International Conference of Asia Culture Contents
Symposium : The Contents of Expo Space
Panel Discussion : The Role Model of China, Japan and Korea in Culture Contents
Nominated Paper Presentation : 5 Papers, 5 Sketches & Posters in each participated association
Schedule : June 10, 2010 ~ June 14, 2010
Place : Symposium / Shanghai Conservatory of Music Paper, Sketch & Poster / Shanghai University of Engineering Science
Host : ASIAGRAPH Committee(Presidents of Each Associations)



  ASIAGRAPH 2008 in Shanghai  

ASIAGRAPH is an academic forum exploring the convergence of digital technology, industrial and cultural trends. The academic council of Asia graph includes a regional congress of distinguished scholars, the core committee of an expanding international think tank.

Entertainment Science is a showcase of interactive technology at the intersection of entertainment and education presented by universities, corporations and research institutes from all over the world.

1st ASIAGRAPH International Digital Contents Awards
占쏙옙Digital contents awards占쏙옙 is a competition for corporations and students, celebrating innovative content development

 ASIAGRAPH 2008_Exhibition
Date : 27 June 2008 - 1 July 2008 (open 09:00 - 17:00 )
Place : Shanghai Exhibition Center

ASIAGRAPH 2008_Paper, Forum and The Awards
Date : 28 June 2008 - 29 June 2008
Place : Shanghai University of Engineering and Science/Grand Hall
Cosponsor : Shanghai University of Engineering and Science

ASIAGRAPH 2008_Performance & Concert
Date : 28 June 2008 (17:30-19:00)혻혻혻
Place : Shanghai University of Engineering and Science/Grand Hall
Cosponsor : Shanghai University of Engineering and Science
                   Shanghai Conservatory of Music
                   Oriental Digital Media R&D Cente
                   Chonbuk University
                   Chungang University

ASIAGRAPH 2008_Asia Digital Content Industry Forum by GDCA & SMP
Date : 30 June 2008 (09:30-18:00)
Place : Shanghai Multimedia Park 6F
Cosponsor : Shanghai Multimedia Park

                    Gyeonggi-Do / Gyeonggi Digital Contents Agency



ASIAGRAPH 2007 in Shanghai

ASIAGRAPH is the organization which has been cooperated with people, government, and companies in the Asia, and is exhibition event on contents for a more prosperous human life by putting together with Asian cultural contents and IT technology.

ASIAGRAPH Forum 2007
The Host : 2007 ASIAGRAPH Committee
Date & Time : May 24, 2007 (09:00 ~ 12:00)
Venue : Shanghai Science Hall

ASIAGRAPH Conference 2007
Name : ASIAGRAPH 2007 in Shanghai(Asia Digital Cultural Art and Science Technology Expo 2007)
Subject : Ubiculture Space (New Cultural Art and New Science Technology)
Slogan : new rising global asia culture contents

Date : November 15, 2007 ~ November 17, 2007
Venue : Shanghai New International Expo Centre
Exhibition Scale : 12,000 square meters

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